What About My Future?

What About My Future?

            I am 24 years old and fuck man, I am constantly stressing over the future. What will I be? Am I making the right decisions? It seems so obscure. One day it feels like I am on the right track, the other it feels like I am doomed to fail. It’s a crazy rollercoaster.


A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my mentors and his advice was pure GOLD. He told me straight up Sam, you’re from the most anxious generation I have ever seen. The first home I bought when I was 40, you’re 24 dude, how dare you say it is tough. You are just getting started, you’re a fetus still. Wait, be patient, take the punches like a man, give it some time man, put things into perspective.


I know these are just words and I still stress sometimes, but one word he said stays with me. Perspective. This is all I can tell you guys. Fuck man, we lack perspective, we are constantly bombarded with Movie stars, Athletes, and Dan Bilzerian that we start to think that this is the norm, and it isn’t the freakin norm. It’s the furthest thing from the norm, these people are the 0.000001% yet they appear on TV 100% of the time because this luxurious, high-class lifestyle sells.


Let’s agree on one-thing amigos. Let’s focus on ourselves. Everything else is out of our control. Let’s focus on what we can control. Ourselves, our health, our mind, our studies, our work, our family, focus on being better every day. Close your eyes to the world, zone in on yourself and create a masterpiece: YOU.


Samer Sleiman

Forget 2017, Focus on Life

Forget 2017, Focus on Life

Happy New Year! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I was too busy working on my life.

I am thankful for 2016, I moved to Brazil and things are phenomenal. I have been working 13-15 hours every single day since September 1st. I took Christmas and New Years off because the city shut down, but I would have worked otherwise. I have learned many things about the world and most importantly, about myself last year.

Here are my lessons from 2016:

1. If you have a dream, act upon it as soon as possible. I recently spoke to anUber driver about his biggest regret and he told me he risked everything in his forties. He should have done it earlier, 40 is too risky according to him. Do it when you’re young. Look at me, in 6 months my life has changed significantly, and if it didn’t I could have moved back to Canada in no time. Be courageous and take the first step. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

           2. You can last longer than you think. No, not in bed silly. (Although I have come to realise Whiskey helps with that.) We live in a whiny society, I have been working non-stop since August and I can do this for another 20 years. I am not kidding; I realised that once you have a mission, nothing else matters, your body and mind are as strong as your willpower.

           3. Have a purpose for what you’re doing. And if you don’t have a purpose, create one. My purpose is to have a lasting impact and influence as many people as possible. I know my life will serve as an example to many young men like myself who were aiming for something better but didn’t know where to start. The thousands of hours that I will work throughout my life will serve a purpose on this earth. I hope to educate the future generations of the benefits of thinking long term, being disciplined, knowing yourself, and eventually making an impact. It may sound silly or too idealistic to some, but this is what gets me out of bed jumping with joy every morning. I started 2016 as a man, now I enter 2017 as a man with a purpose.

            4. 2017 is just the number of years since Christ has arrived. It means absolutely nothing other than that. Stop thinking of years and think about LIFE. Years, you’ll have many, Life you only have one. What do you want to do it with it? 2017 is just a small part of your life that will be gone in 2018 aka next year. I focus on building a life and not making this or that in 2017. I can use 2017 to enhance and improve my life but at the end of the day, we all need to think macro not micro. Life is macro, 2017 is micro.


Now let me get back to working on my life.



Samer Sleiman

How Has Entrepreneurship Been For Me?

How Has Entrepreneurship Been For Me?

We live in a generation of wanna be entrepreneurs. It’s the cool thing to do, and the upside is extremely attractive. After all, why can’t I be the next Bill Gates?

I have always been an entrepreneur, but only now have I solely focused on this without going to school or having a job working for somebody else. I am, finally, getting a feeling for what it actually is. The experience I acquired has definitely helped me but now it’s for real. Sink or swim. Continue reading “How Has Entrepreneurship Been For Me?”

The Importance of Failure

The Importance of Failure

            Growing up I was the money maker among my friends. I started working at 14 years of age making pizza and doing anything I could to make an extra buck. I have done everything from making pizzas to cleaning washrooms at a gas station. As an entrepreneur, I sold clothes, cars, electronics, perfume and e-cigarettes.

             Due to this, I was always considered mature and “ a man” at a young age. I sensed that I had to help at home because I am the oldest son. All my father’s friends commended me on my discipline and work ethic. I was showered with compliments because in their eyes I was a hustler.

But for some reason, I never felt like I was a man. I was missing something. I had the work ethic, I accepted the responsibility of helping my father, and I had the financial independence. All this at 16 years of age, but it wasn’t enough. Continue reading “The Importance of Failure”

I am Samer Sleiman

I am Samer Sleiman

We are all voyagers in search of ourselves in this complex and unknown universe.

I wonder how different life would be if a manual slid with us from our mother’s uterus detailing our specific function in this world. Imagine if at the time of our birth we already had a set of steps to take. Would you rather have detailed instructions to life or go out on your own and explore but risk finding nothing? Continue reading “I am Samer Sleiman”

A Crazy Thought

A Crazy Thought

Say you wake up tomorrow with only what you are thankful for today.

Would you be blind?

Would you be deaf?

Would you have a partner?

Would you have parents?

Would you have a roof over your head?

Would you have food to eat?

Would you have access to clean water?

Would you be ALIVE?

Be ambitious, but always grateful.


Tomorrow Land & An Update on Brazil

Tomorrow Land & An Update on Brazil


I would like to thank all of my friends for the kind and beautiful messages I have received with regards to my last post. I never thought I would be able to inspire another person, never mind dozens of people.

We all have hidden potential that we are too afraid to discover.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frighten us.”

-Marianne Williamson

I understand that we are all in different situations. What I do not understand are the confusing statements of “I am too scared” with “I can’t”.

There are very few things you cannot do. Your parents told you not to go out and you did so anyways in your rebellious phase. Someone told you, you couldn’t do it but you still found a way. My grandpa thought he “couldn’t” quit smoking, but once the doctor told him to choose quitting or death, he stopped instantly and lived for another 25 years. I thought I couldn’t come to Brazil and figure a way to make a living in such uncertain times. Guess what? I am already working on it and it is simpler than expected.

Tomorrow is a safe territory where most people store their dreams and aspirations. Do you think that “tomorrow” you’ll be courageous? Do you think that “tomorrow” you’ll be bolder? NO! I still have the same amount of courage as I had 1 year ago, I am able to concentrate on what I really want, without letting fears affect my decisions and listening to what others think.

You aren’t chasing your dreams because you are scared of failing, because you are fearful of uncertainty and because you think you aren’t worth it. If so, I must tell you  that inaction is the biggest failure. Uncertainty is the only certainty we have, and that every human being is worth it. You and I were created to try our very best on this earth. I don’t know your dreams but whatever it is, it is worth more than any relationship, job, location, and feeling.


An Update on Brazil

Brazil is better than expected. As in every corner on earth, people exaggerate here too. The news was created to entertain – not inform. The failing businesses get more attention than the great businesses and opportunities here. This is why I rarely pay attention to the news; I skim through articles and only read the important information that may help me make decisions.



After living in Canada for nine years with my father, I lost the sense of the importance of family. It is a unique experience to be living with my mom again. Being surrounded by cousins and uncles is truly refreshing. I can ask for their advice at any time and this is very comforting. Plus, My mom’s food is way better than Kraft Dinner. I believe we will have stroganoff for lunch today.


Favorable Territory

 It is general knowledge that armies prefer to fight on grounds they are used to fight on. Some armies do better on air while others prefer to fight on the ground. We too have our own favorable territories. Some people prefer to work in an office, others prefer to be selling door to door. We all have our optimal working spaces. Brazil is optimal to me. It is my favorable ground. I feel at home here and no place can beat that.



São Paulo can be compared to New York. Regardless, of the current situation, the city does not sleep. Opportunities are everywhere. Many people make a living selling chocolate on the street, others sell electronics and everyone tries to get by in whatever form he can. There is very little to fear in such a great and big city. Whatever you sell, you can find people willing to buy it. After all, it is a city of 12 million people.


The Decision

 I live by two rules: Use your brain and follow your heart. I did both before coming here. I don’t regret it one bit. As soon as you use your brain and follow your heart, find a way to make it. My job in Canada was easier than what I will be doing here – less stressful and more secure. But, I wouldn’t trade the uncertainty and stress for anything else. As long as I am here, I will figure my way out. I will keep trying and trying and trying. I may die before anything concrete occurs but I will be on my deathbed knowing that I lived the life I wanted – not listening to others and not giving into my fears.

I will keep updating you on my progress and my hope is to inspire many of you to take the hard steps that will lead to a better future.

Here is a sample of one of the most popular Brazilian songs at the moment. Trigger warning: my country roots aren’t language bound.



Why I am Moving Back to Brazil

Why I am Moving Back to Brazil

After some consideration and hard thinking, I have decided to move back to Brazil. This decision was not an easy one but it was also far from the hardest.

In the past few weeks, I have received a lot of support and criticism, and I finally am ready to speak on my decision to leave Canada and move to a country with an 11.2% unemployment and a 9.28% inflation rate. Brazil is going through one of its worst political and economic crisis in the last 40 years. Some say the economy will not recover until 2018, and the optimists predict that Brazil will suffer until mid-2017.

I am leaving a relatively stable country, with a secure, highly rewarding and fun job. I am also leaving a bunch of friends who have become family. All these years in Canada have left me with many friends who I will cherish and take with me for the rest of my life.

Continue reading “Why I am Moving Back to Brazil”